how can he just freaking lie right to my face?

like i don’t even matter.  like i am a freaking idiot that won’t ever check up on him.  like he can just say whatever the f*ck he wants and it’s just ok, because it’s what he wants.  because i farging trust him.  why do i do that?

lies about women.  lies about money.  lies about stupid crap, just to be lying.

the worst thing, though, is he has made me a liar.  i lie all the time, now, because if i don’t, i get consequences.  i get the stare-down.  i get the lecture.  i get the guilt trip.  i get the passive-aggressive BS that he feeds everyone he ever comes into contact with.

no more lies.  i am keeping track, assbutt.  someday, you will regret those lies, because no one will believe the truth.  the abuser who cried, “i’m sorry”.


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