lies, ridiculous lies

below is a post i recently shared on an online emotional abuse forum…forgive the fragmented sentences.  i was pissed!

So I was starting to feel guilty about getting ready to divorce my husband. I was *thisclose* to calling the lawyer to postpone it.

Then, I left my phone with the man while I went to the eye doctor because he couldn’t find his own phone. Every night I go through and delete the history (smartphone) to keep itrunning well, and to keep safe.

I came home from appointment, and then he went for his eye appointment (our two year old is a terror, so we were swapping so we wouldn’t have to bring him with us). I opened up my phone, and was checking out Facebook, then went into my recent apps to switch back to email, and I see a porn video opened as one of my apps.


He has lied to me about porn before, I’ve seen it in his web history, and he blamed the kids, computer glitches, malware, you name it.

So, I confronted him. I said I had found the video. He told me that it popped up in a link on an email, so he clicked on it.

So, using my phone instead of his own computer, then, clicking a suspicious link that he always tells us not to click. Then, by the spot in the video, I could see he had watched most of it. But it “just popped up”.

He told me that the downstairs computer was “jacked up” so he had used my phone to check his email. But, he had to have deleted the history, because it would have shown up. He swears he doesn’t even know how to delete the history (though he has the exact same phone). But he obviously couldn’t have checked his email from my phone, because it would have shown up on the history.

I checked his email on the now miraculously running computer, which was jacked up, supposedly, and didn’t see any emails anywhere on his account that would have contained a suspicious link. Not in inbox, trash, or spam.

Such a liar.

I flat out told him I didn’t believe him, and that I was tired of all his BS.

I also told him that I was upset that he never called to set up a counselor appointment like I had asked him to seven months ago when we first started really having issues. He told me yesterday that he did call, but they told him he couldn’t go alone, that he had to go with me. Which is not at all what my counselor said, and supposedly my husband called TWO MONTHS AGO, and neglected to tell me about it. I asked him why the f bomb he didn’t tell me he called, and he just basically said “I didn’t realize it was that important to you.”

OMG!!! That is the ONE thing I asked him to do, and he doesn’t freaking tell me he called? I didn’t believe him again, and called the office. Turns out it is not a problem for him to go alone at all, all he needs to do is be added to the file. So, again, either he lied and didn’t call, or he lied about what they told him. AND, didn’t tell me he called TWO MONTHS AGO…

I said a prayer of thanks that my eyes were opened when I was so close to throwing in the towel.

Of course, now he is all “I love you, and won’t lie any more” though he never admitted to lying in the first place.

What a butthole.


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